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Bright Colour

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Support Coordination

A support coordinator can play a very important role in managing your NDIS journey. We can and will assist with you and your families in understanding the NDIS process, the language that is used.

We will connect you with all providers of your choice, help you understand your budget that has been provided to you by NDIS. All while working alongside your own choices and needs. Our mission is to build your capacity for independence and understanding as much as possible while reaching your NDIS and personal goals.

Psychosocial Recovery Coach

A psychosocial recovery coach has a very similar role to support coordination except that their primary focus is on someone with a diagnosed mental health disorder.

Your PRC will take more of a face-to-face approach assisting you in finding the right providers to help reach your NDIS and personal goals, all while working with your own choices and needs.


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